Please help me I'm scared I'm DOOMED?

It was the dead of the night. 3:30am and I was walking down a dark road. There was pin-drop silence... Then suddenly!


A jet black cat with bright yellow eyes was JUST 5 FEET AWAY from me!! Worst of all, it was looking at me straight in the eyes and took steps calmly/confidently towards me... I stopped dead in my tracks... I moved quickly (hoping it wouldn't cross my path) and made my way from the pavement on the opposite side.

As I turned back I saw that it was STILL staring at me, so I joined my hands and bowed in the hope that it would spare me.

While black cats are lucky to have as pets, accidental encounters with black cats are EXTREMELY UNLUCKY. Some say cats can see the future and try to warn you of a coming disaster, possibly even DEATH!!

I'm really scared for my life and those of my loved ones.

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  • Accidental black cat encounters ARE a sign of untold misfortune
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It was neither scared... nor in attack mode.

It was just very... CALM!!
so far so good... LOL


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  • Don't listen to bullshit its just a cat!

    • yeah you're right

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    • Oh boy... didn't your mother ever teach u to respect a lady! Geez she walk away.

    • Jesus Christ man!!

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  • No such thing as luck


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  • I think you should be more worried about the unfathomable stupidity that governs your life.

    • Thanks, I really needed that lol

  • I wonder if my little black boy scares others like yourself. I don't really believe in what you've said just as much as opening an umbrella inside is bad luck and walking under a ladder I've done those at least 10 times each and I'm all good. Who knows. I hope you don't end up with any misfortune though :)

    • you little black boy? Thanks by the way :D

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    • He's SO tortured.
      SO unloved
      Look at him eating his food with his lizard he caught, again soo mistreated by me. Lol

    • Jesus CHRIST !!!

  • That cat has a lot of human interaction. Any regular stray cat typically doesn't just go up to you like that. That is more than likely just someone's outside cat.

  • It was just a wittle kittyyyyyy it wanted wuvins ohh my god pet the kitty don't run away 😿😿😿😿

  • I always see a black cat around my building he is always chilling there starring at everyone especially at night he's wide awake lol does that mean were all gonna die 😐😐😐

    • It was moving towards me very calmly and making eye-contact. The look in its eye sent a shiver down my spine...

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    • I'm honestly so scared that something bad is happening right now... I can't control my body :'(

    • Omg just calm down it isn't good to be thinking negative watch a funny video or something

  • Oh no. Well you're a goner.

    • Well, I've been biting my nails ever since I can remember... Now that I'm finally going to die I want to chew off every. last. bit.

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    • Well I'm not sleeping tonight.

    • Good sport B)

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