Do you find yourself sad because you miss a certain time period in your life?

I'm feeling this way right now.
This summer was just great for me. It was completely care free, I wasn't working, I made several new friends, I was having fun with them just about everyday, I fell for someone and got to spend so many days and nights with them, I made a lot of memories.
So I just think of driving around in the heat sweating so bad with a car full of friends with that awful 5th harmony song on the radio (baby I'm worth it) going to the lake.
Certain smells and stuff remind me of that time just a few months ago... I just miss it really bad. 😢😢
If I could go back in time I would and I would've appreciated it more even the not so fun times 😢😢


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  • I miss when it was rainy and windy now it's all sunny hot and annoying 😪

    • Sun is good!!

    • Haha for you it is but I get really irritable and annoyed when it's sunny

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  • Yep, reminisce on the good times.


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