Is your car ready for the winter? Do you like driving in snow?

Is your car ready for the winter? Do you find it fun or scary driving in the snow?

Any others out there?


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  • Probably not, I got snow capable tires like the middle-end of last year that are probably not even useful at this point anymore. And my car has like, no weight to it. So I slip and slide everywhere if I go faster than 15mph even in the lightest snow conditions.

    I'm hoping for a mild winter.

    • oh man. Get some all season tires if you dont want the expensive winter ones. What car do you have? is it manual or auto?

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    • I mean... it's not winter capable. And I live in Michigan. It's no Canada, but it's still snowy as fuck the majority of the year. So that's pretty much what is wrong with it lol. Even with my all season tires I spun out on the highway last year, and that was going like maybe 20-25mph max.

      So yeah. It's just shit.

    • i live in Ontario, bottom part of it. I know how the snow feels lol. Oh man :O dang spinning out on the highway must have been scary. I say buy Winter Tires. it will help you so much more. Yesterday i was in my camaro and it snowed here and amost crashed into a tree lmfao. I still have summer tires on it. Going to have to find a junk car for the winter to drive

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  • All set!

    Don't like getting stuck other wise it's kinda fun. I've had my parked car blown down the street because of a little wind and ice, been driving at like 10kph and had my car spin around in circles till it hit the sidewalk. Been stuck on a perfectly flat surface with nothing but Ice on the ground lol... Winter driving can be fun :) If not a little nerve raking at times

    • nerve raking yes lol and also fun. It tests you as a driver aswell.

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  • I haven't driven in the snow yet, this will be my first year, I'm a little nervous but I have to get used to it because I'm Canadian and there isn't really a way around it.

    • i live in Canada too. Driving in the snow is fun cause you can drift :D :D but if you want to be carefull here are my tips to yo OH and also you get to learn car control with the snow too which make you a better driver! Do you drive a manual or auto?

      #1 brake very early before coming to stop

      #2 dont press on the gas hard, do it lightly

      #3 when you turn make sure you are not turning to wide or too short. Also do not press on the gas hard, barely touch the gas.

      #4 if you lose control counter steer the car... so that means if you lost control and the car is going left, turn the wheel right

      #5 don't panic lol

      #6 If worse does come to worse you are about to hit another car, turn your car towards the side of the road, better to hit a pile of snow rather than another car (this happened to me once so no worries)

      Good luck on your first winter :) i heard it shouldn't be that bad. If you need more help you can message me.

    • Once your comfortable it's super fun mashing the snowplow wind rows with your car tires lol

  • Car is ready but I am not :D yes I am scared of driving in general especially winter

    • hehe but it is fun!! you get to drift and slide :D Well if your car is ready then you're ready too! don't panic and stuff like that. is it your fist time driving in the winter?

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    • Yes we do! As must you as well :)

    • yup, always slippery lol

  • Yes my car is ready and no because there is always black ice


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  • I remember when I drove my Mustang in the winter a couple years ago. It was nerve-wracking, to say the least. Stopping was hard, acceleration was hard, I couldn't go at normal speeds. Any amount of snow more than a light dusting was trouble. If I had to start up again from a stop, the tail would just start going sideways. And starting from a stop on an incline... forget it. I'd have to back out of my driveway and charge up it just to get into the garage. And it's only a slight uphill.

    And I had all-season tires as well.

    Honestly, I'd never want to do rear-wheel drive in winter again. And I hated that the road salt made the underside all rusty.

    • dang, yeah with mustangs and camaro's you need winter tires if you're going to run with those in the winter

    • I agree. My friend put winter tires on his 4th-gen Z28 and he seems to be alright for traction, for the most part. I just hate the salt, though. I feel bad for having driven my Mustang in winter and having it get all salted and rusty, and if and when I ever get a Cobra or any other nice car it will never see snow or salt, that's for sure.

      The difference between RWD and FWD in snow is crazy though... I remember going out on New Year's Eve a while back in my buddy's Ford Focus during a blizzard, and it cut through the snow no problem. In my Mustang we'd have gone nowhere.

      I felt less dumb going home the next day though, when I saw someone driving a Porsche 911 convertible through the slush. All I could think is, why? Why spend all that money on something nice just to trash it? Ugh... I guess it's a car guy thing!

  • I don't like driving in the snow. Not that I feel scared, I don't. But I have this feeling of "oh God please don't let me randomly lose control on ice" or something like that. I try to avoid driving in winter.

    • oh yes i know what you mean haha, there has been sometimes where i randomly lost control. aka i need to invest in winter tires haha

  • anyone who actually likes driving in the snow deserves to get shot.