Dooes everyone in NYC pay +1000 a month to live in shoeboxes?

I think just investing in a:

1 light summer outfit + shoes
1 warm winter outfit + shoes
sleeping bag (or tent?)

and going homeless is much better. If you're a woman, getting one of those insert-in-vagina-to-bite-rapist's-dick-off devices would be a good choice. Go online at the public library. Use public restrooms for hygiene and toilet needs. Get a water dipper and use it to wash yourself somewhere private. That's what people did when there was no running water.

Learn to read, guys. I'm saying +1000. Whıch means MORE than $1000, not $1000. PLUS A THOUSAND.


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  • pretty much.

    i just read an article about someone who really does that. lives in hotels 2-3 days a week, goes to the library for free wifi. has a gym membership for showering every day.


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  • "getting one of those insert-in-vagina-to-bite-rapist's-dick-off devices"

    Probably a REALLY bad idea, as this would expose the inside of your vagina to lots of his blood, GREATLY!!! increasing the risk of STI infection, especially the really nasty ones like Hep. C and HIV.

  • $1,000 / mo. isn't actually that much at all.

  • Lol that's not that much for rent for a tier 1 city. Any large, tier 1 city in the world is going to be horrifically expensive... London, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo (lol Tokyo you get half a shoe box)


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