Do you ever feel like this life we are living isn't real and that real life comes after we die?

Lots of weird things happen that we aren't able to explain.

What is real and what is a dream?

What makes our waking world more real than the dreams while we sleep?

Are our memories real?


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  • Well, we'll never know until we die. So is this is real, might as well make the most of this life; if it is a dream, then make it the best damn dream.

    • You can be part of my dream if I can be a part of yours

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  • I did consider this possibility. But my version was that we are in some kind of simulation that shapes our personalities and prepares us for real life after "death". This theory would make sense because as we know programs have bugs and those bugs in this life could be ghosts, unexplained phenomenons and so on. However, I stopped believing it and I can't really explain why ^_^
    My knowledge and English limits me to trying to explain you why this world is real but this guy might be able to


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  • Seems like you have still hope

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