Will people think I'm trying to hit on her?

I told people I got a bj from a girl I kinda know from school. It's not true though. I only said it because i lots of guys at my school do this. I feel bad about lying though unlike those guys. If people know I lied will they think I'm trying to hit on her and will they assume that I think she's hot?

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  • yes they will think that you think she's hot
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  • You're a scumbag. That's what you are.

    You just effectively ruined her reputation and now her high school years will be hell because she'll be known as the easy slut. So congrats on that.

    They'll think she's an easy ho and you "got lucky" so yay you.

    • wtf i said i feel bad

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    • lmfao are you seriously comparing me to hitler?

    • It's an exaggeration but the point stands.

      And if you "take it back" and tell people you made it up (which you won't do) they won't ever fully believe you and her rep will still be ruined. And in high school your rep is all you have. So you basically ruined her life.

      Way to go.

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  • I think they will think it's pretty lame honestly, it gives the girl a bad reputation and will make guys go after her for all the wrong reasons thats she's unaware of.

  • You're an idiot...
    But I'm sure you already know that.

  • Seriously? This happened to me last year. My best friends brother told everyone I gave him a blowjob. She found out, believed him, bitched me out, and threw away our friendship over it. Several people told me they lost respect for me. Somehow the parents in our neighborhood found out and kicked my mom out of all her clubs. You just ruined her reputation just to make yourself look better. I hope people find out you lied.

  • Wow freaking great job! You just successfully ruined this girls reputation. While you are still concerned about your freaking self, you haven't even considered her. You asked what people will think of you but not what people will think of her. Then you try to justify yourself or make yourself look better by adding "unlike those guys". I absolutely hate when guys do this crap. Come clean to the guys and apologize to her.

  • They'll think you're a jerk and an idiot that will say anything to be considered cool.

  • You selfish piece of shit, you care more about the way people can possibly preceive you rather than thinking abou the damage you are causing to this unsuspecting girl!
    Give me one reason why I shouldn't hack you.


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