How can I still like her after 5 years?

I still like her after 5 years even though we haven't spoken for over a year now...


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  • It's possible. Especially if you haven't moved on with anyone new...
    Or if you've liked her for a really long time before this...

    • Well I've dated and been with several women in between... but I never got th same feeling, you know.

      I liked her for 5 years, so maybe it's just that, but I find it incredible that even after more than a year, I still have the same, strong feelings for her.

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    • If you 'never got around to it' sounds like one of you never wanted it to be more than that - if you still have those feelings - then that person (who never wanted it to be official) certainly wasn't you...
      So... I guess she wasn't that into you - as you are into her.
      Makes sense why it didn't work out.

    • We never got round to it because of the distance!! We both come from working class families and we simply didn't, and still don't have the money for it all. But whatevr.

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  • It's because you truly care for her or have an obsession. I still love a woman from 20 years ago.


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  • because u have a soft spot

    • That's exactly it, a major soft spot - a weakness for her.

      I've basically met my "perfect match". Of course, I might meet girls in the future who'll be as good if not better, but for the time being, she fits me on a sexual and personal level.

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    • That would be incredible if we could... but alas!

    • Yeah well than what are u going to do? THEARPY?

  • Talk to her or move on

    • I've been trying for a whole year God damnit... it's not easy and it really hurts.

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