What is the one rule change you would introduce to the sport you love?

Mike Graham on Talksport would put wing mirrors on race horses so jockeys needn't look round, I would have an 'injury bin' in soccer so if a player goes down feigning injury to waste time they would spend 10 minutes off the pitch to recover...


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  • i would change the offsides rule in hockey. Currently, the rule is that the puck must cross the offensive blue line before any player. The intent of this rule is to prevent 'cherry picking' - that is, when a player simply hangs out by the opposing team's net waiting for someone to get the puck to him from the other end. But the rule is too strict and tends to be enforced as a 'technicality,' breaking up potentially good plays because a skate was just barely over the line or a player was a second late tagging up.

    So, I would change it to a more complicated version that would be a lot easier to understand if I could draw it. But the jist of it is that once the puck crosses the offensive blue line, it conceptually carries the line with it. A player is offsides unless they get behind the puck, but offsides is not called unless they actually touch the puck. This allows play to continue, giving the offsides player the opportunity to tag up.

    Perhaps an easier way to think of it is that forward passing is not allowed in the offensive zone to any player who hasn't gotten behind the puck while it was in someone else's possession in that zone. Again, it would be a lot easier to explain if I could draw it, but to answer your question: the offsides rule of hockey.

    Also, I would change the clock rules of American football. I find it irritating how time-outs are used strategically. I would just say each quarter lasts 8 minutes of play time. The clock stops when play stops.

    • Both good ideas, thanks. I don't watch a lot of American football but have watched the last couple of Superbowls. Very entertaining I think☺.

    • I prefer college football, personally. Somehow, it just seems awkward to watch grown men taking the game seriously. That and baseball. I don't know why hockey and/or soccer doesn't seem weird.

      Though, the superbowl is fun to watch. Good excuse to drink and laugh at mistakes that will haunt players for probably the rest of their lives :-D

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  • No clinching in Boxing.

    You get hit with a bomb, go down and stay down or get up and beat the standing 8 count.

    • Forgive my ignorance but what is clinching?

    • It's where a boxer will get hit with a shot and then grab hold of his opponent or he'll grab hold of his opponent to stop him from throwing his combinations.

    • Understood. Thanks, I do watch boxing but didn't realise that was the term for it.

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