What are the differences between breast feeding and feeding the baby with a bottle?

So me and my boyfriend plan on getting married sometime soon and then have a baby. but after watching some shows where women are pregnant and sometimes mention some things about pregnancies and some details of it all, im kind of just worried about it all. i always wanted to have a baby but now i kind of feel like maybe im not meant to have one. apparently its a huge deal to breast feed it instead of feeding it with a bottle, but i dont think i can even do that because i have inverted nipples! and im short and my cousin who's also short and just gave birth, said it was extremely uncomfortable because the baby didn't have much room in her torso to move around so it would always kick her ribs and whatnot. and i also heard that a baby can come out feet first! and giving birth can kill you in general! and i don't want a huuuuge needle going in me just so that i wouldn't feel the pain of giving birth. i just dont know if i ever want to give birth at this point!


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  • There are suction cups that help you deal with the inverted nipple thing.
    I'm not a woman and much less a mother, but my cousin refused to breast feed her baby and gave her bottle. It was sad to see my mother carrying the baby in her arms and the baby by pure instinct trying to get milk from my mother.


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  • I think it's silly to worry about all that stuff. You're more statistically likely to die in a car crash, but you don't avoid cars do you?

    Nearly every woman gives birth, even teenagers. Being petite doesn't automatically imply birth and pregnancy complications, but pregnancy is a little uncomfortable in general for everyone anyway.

    If you have an epidural, you can barely feel the birth and the needle sounds freaky but if you're in labor, you won't care much. It's basically like really bad periods cramps (and all women put up with those).

    Breastfeeding is waywayway better for your baby and i think all moms should try. You know there are free breastfeeding groups that teach you hotlw to nurse your baby? And even if it doesn't work out, its not like your kid is going to be messed up from bottle feeding.

    And ask your cousin if having her baby was worth it. I haven't heard a woman yet who has said it wasn't. And also, if giving birth is so bad, why would women keep having babies? :)

    Just trust in yourself and your body. Yes, sometimes things do go wrong but your body was designed for this.


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  • Well pregnancy and breasts sucking by the baby or your boyfriend might help with the inverted nipples, and if you don't believe me then google for it. As for giving birth, it's not an easy thing, but many women have succeed in it, and at younger age is easier, so at least from that aspect it would be easier for you.


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  • I think most people say breastfeeding gives them bonding time with their baby, however you can pump! the milk doesn't only go out of the nipples but the ducts around it mostly.. you can just pump your breastmilk into a bottle, or some women actually just don't want to and prefer to use formula etc. and some people CAN'T. Anything can kill you, and i'm sure at the time when you're in labour the last thing you're thinking about is the needle, and more of the pain relief if you choose to get an epidural. My sister was scared shittless however she said she wouldn't take anything back x ps. You can die from anything so- like even walking across the street haha.