How early do you show up for a band performance?

I'm watching my friends performance at her school and i'm not sure how early i should come, i tried asking her but she didn't respond on it. I have to buy my ticket at the door also.

  • 10 minutes
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  • 20-30 min
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  • 40-50 min
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  • show up late
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  • don't even go to it
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  • Well usually the players have to show up about 30-45 minutes before it starts, and then when warming up there are some people already in the audience.

    If there are gonna be parents there, then get there at least 20 minutes early to get a seat.

    Source: played clarinet->bass clarinet for 5 years.


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  • Dependig on how well the tickets sell and IF theyre going to sell out, I'd go about 15 mins early, if I know theyre going to be there I usually just go right on time, if I have the tickets then I sometimes show up late.

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