Can people not see Syrian people have feelings and need a safe home?

Can people not see Syrian people have feelings and need a safe home?

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  • People need all sorts of things, money, organ transplants, friends, lovers, good jobs. The world if chock full of people who need things. The question is what do you owe total strangers? Particularly ones who don't want to adapt to your culture.

    • Let me ask you this. Suppose the situation were reversed and a large powerful Islamic state, sort of a super Saudi Arabia were asked to allow in lots of liberal secularist refugees. Do you think they would and if so, what conditions do you think they would impose on them?

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    • I'm intolerant of intolerance. Like you said, we have too many intolerant people now, we don't need more.

    • Well that's good. Peace and happiness to you always.

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  • Our goverment is giving the refugees the same amount of money as the local poors receive monthly; the fucking refugees, however, are complaining that what we're offering them is not as much as what they used to get back in their country. That being sad, I think those motherfuckers should be shipped back to their places and stay the fuck there.

    • Wow so all the refugees are complaining? Do you have a bi-partisan link to that?

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    • They would be better off dead than bitching about receiving money for free.

    • Again they were not "bitching". They do not want welfare. Many were scholars and business men and now they are in a place where there are no jobs and they speak a different language. Again they did have a choice of dying which you seem quite angry about for them not choosing to die. Sorry that they are destroying your life/taking your job/evicting you or whatever.

  • People have no heart these days. Makes me so sad at the state of humans now that we don't care or think about other humans going through more fucked up things than we could ever imagine.

    • You're 100% correct. Somehow American tears are more precious than brown people far away. They must be "animals" (no offense to animals/they're nicer) and cannot feel emotions like real people.

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    • I know. So many people talk about this stuff and say similar things but they've never actually ever seen anything, they just read it on some shitty website or heard somebody else say it.
      And when they tell these refugees to go home, one quick Google image search of their country can show you that they have no more home to go back to.
      And just common sense will tell you, as a parent, why on earth would you let your babies get on a dangerous boat in dangerous waters where many die if it wasn't a better option than staying where they were. People don't risk their lives escaping because they can get "free money" in another country. It's life or death.

    • And if that was magically true who the hell really thinks a life on welfare is paradise. The whole concept is twisted.

What Guys Said 3

  • Yes I can see it but don't make people or countries feel guilty when they are at the brink of what they can handle. The UK is letting in 20,000 in the next few years in addition to 300,000 migrants EVERY YEAR, we are the most or the second most populated country in Europe. Germany has welcomed 1 million so far, and some German residents have even been given eviction notices to make way for the refugees.

    At what point do you say no more?

    • Do you have a link to the eviction notice story? I agree with some of the sentiment of what you are saying but there is always room. The UK is massive and not overpopulated. Yes 3 or 4 big cities would be in trouble with an influx of hundreds of thousands over a ten year period but there are solutions.

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    • What im trying to say is people do want to help, but of course, like with anything at some point there has to be a limit, otherwise it's bad for everyone involved.

    • I think that story is more about the incompetency of the local government. They are trying to house them and two people got evicted or notices of eviction and that is not many but even two is wrong. They should have talked with the woman and came up with a solution.

  • I couldn't care less about these people.

    • Lovely of you.

    • I'm just being honest. They wouldn't give two shits about me if I was in their position, so fuck them.

  • there is clearly lots of legitimate refugees in Syria , however its also a very dangerous region of the world and home to many terrorist groups not just ISIS. it would be very difficult to screen and determine if any of these refugees have terrorist connections or sympathies. it be hard to determine who is who and which ones are good and which ones could cause trouble down the road

    • And also hard to determine which people are from the US that will commit terrorist acts yes?

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