My Mother Passed and Now Father has Cancer... What do I do?

My mother passed when I was 6, and now my father has been diagnosed with cancer. If he dies, I have no one left to support me and my brother. I'm thirteen, so I can't be able to get a job to finance us.


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  • If he dies, you'll either be put in the care of another family member or a foster family.

    You can't control his health, and whatever happens will be down to whatever medical treatment can do. People can and do survive cancer. My mom survived it 11 years ago. She has a neighbor who has survived three separate cancers.

    What you can do now is be there as much as you can for your dad, do what you need to do in school and at home so you're bringing him happiness instead of stress. That makes a big difference in his energy level and mental state, which are important when fighting an illness like that. That means if he doesn't make it, you didn't waste your remaining time with him on negativity. If he does beat the cancer, that means you supported him and he will never forget it.

    • Thank you, I've been a jerk to him these couple of days, and now he has cancer. I need to show him I still love him and be strong.

    • Absolutely. It's hard to ask of a kid your age, but it's true. If he's a good and loving dad, he's probably privately freaking out about what will happen to you and your brother if he doesn't make it, but he'll probably try hard not to show it to you because he doesn't want you to be afraid. Being the best you can be and rising to the occasion will help settle his fears somewhat.

      Your brother also needs support too, not just your dad. You all have to help and support each other.

      It's scary, but it can bring you closer. My dad almost died last year. I'm grown and out of the house now, so he doesn't have the fear he would if I was still a child, but it was still a shocking reminder to make sure we make good use of our time together.

      Do you know what kind of cancer it is?

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  • Be strong man... I went through almost the same thing when i was 13... Im very sorry for you.. Just do the right things, no matter how hard it is, and things will work out..

  • You have your brother for support

    Make sure you support him too

    Maybe go into care?

    • My brother is only 10, I have to find a way to support him.

  • You'll go to foster care

  • That sucks, does he have life insurance for the 2 of you? You'll end up in foster care if no relatives can take you