Should I be afraid of people who use bad drugs?

Should I be afraid of people who use bad drugs? I am, for example, afraid of the kind of people who smoke synthetic weed everyday all the time. How can a person smoke a very bad drug like synthetic weed everyday all the time. It is throwing your life away. I am aftaid of people who have no problem with throwing their lifes away.


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  • I just want to start with off by saying, I am a non-smoker.
    However, I cannot understand why weed is looked at as worse than alcohol.

    If I were to say that my friend drinks... no one would blink an eye.
    However, if I were to say my friend smokes weed... brows would raise.
    Have you ever heard someone overdosing with weed?
    Have you ever heard someone having a hang over with weed?
    To be honest, I find it more safe than alcohol.
    I feel like weed should be legalized and alcohol should not.
    It is way worse of a drug (but it is only in liquid form).

    To answer your question,
    No you should not be afraid of people who use bad drugs.
    There are worse things out there like cocaine, ecstasy, etc. etc.
    Weed is only on the tip of the ice.
    I wouldn't think someone that smokes weed is throwing their life away.
    I've seen people with goals and they are weed smokers.
    That's just an assumption.

    • However, I will say an "everyday" smoker doesn't appeal to me same with a drinker.
      If the person does it in moderation... I can look past it.
      I want to se how this person acts sober.
      It's a turn off knowing that this person has altered their mind and in a sense, I haven't met the "sober" them.

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    • A lot of men overdosed off it in Turkey. It fucks up your heart.

    • That shit fucks up your heart.

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  • this about to get overun w/ all the pro medicinal weed people..



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  • They pull up surprises in your face. Not good as a regular friend. Tend to be emotionally abusive or just plain indecisive.

  • sometimes you are already so fucked up it doesn't matter

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    • I don't call this being high. It is torture.

    • Don't let the name synthetic weed fool you. It is 500 times more harmful than real weed.

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  • In my opinion you shouldn't be afraid