Can you have a written excuse for college?

The day I was absent we had speeches, (which I didn't have to give mine that day) anyways I didn't feel good at all so I didn't go to class, I knew what was wrong with me so there was no reason to go to the doctor. Well my teacher said that I have to have an excuse in order to get full credit for my speech. What do I need to do?


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  • say you had a bloody nose.

    • that was my go to move. i would email the teacher about 30 minutes before class saying i got a nosebleed and they bought it. but i also do get nosebleeds a lot so i'm not 100% a liar.

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    • where the hell do you go to school? 95% of my teachers didn't give a shit and i went to a school that was relatively strict with it's absence policy.

    • Every other teacher I have doesn't care for an excuse, but when we first started school I missed a speech day and he didn't even ask for one but now he's like I need an excuse

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  • When he says you have to have an excuse, I think he means your excuse has to be good, not that you have to have a written excuse. So something that really prevented you from being able to give your speech. A good excuse would be a bad head ache, stomach ache, very stuffy nose etc. If he doesn't accept that, then he is an idiot, because not every ailment needs a doctor.