How come... most furniture and things like door handles, sinks & light switches are made for shorter people to reach?

I am 6 ft. tall. It's not as easy or advantageous to be tall as a lot of short people think. Our legs are cramped in vehicles with not enough leg room. Our shins are brused from bumping into coffe tables. Our toes are sore from bucking them accidentaly into table legs, kickboards, and other outcroppings. Our backs are sore from bending over sinks that are made a standard height... just like the door knobs and fridges. We have bend down to even SEE what we're reaching for off the top shelves in them... My favorite is the size of STAIRS, over each of wich my size 12 foot (12 full inches... which is the "average" size of the Englishman's foot at the time when they MADE the standard system of measurement) excessively hangs beyond most stairs depth.
These are just some things which I believe are conspired by manufactures to cater more to women and children... or just shorter people in general.
Now if we made things bigger and up higher (just 4 to 10 inches more) it would be precived to be and argured by some to be UNFAIR to our shorter people, huh?
Really? ... That sucks. (LOL)


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  • I'm as tall as you are and haven't had any of these problems. Things are built to cater to most adults who are of an average height - it's impossible to accommodate everyone. I have way more problems finding clothes and shoes that fit properly than I do with anything else.

    • Well, clothes not fitting was going to be another item but jk.
      Not a real big problem but I just feel tired of it every now and then.

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  • I'm your height, and I don't really have these problems. Do you live in a country of short people?

    (I do have the stairs problem, as I wear size 13 US men's shoes, but that's the only one of these I have, and it's minor.)


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  • Because the majority of people are shorter, dumbs