Where is the missing one dollar $, I betcha!! ?

where is the missing one dollar $, I betcha!! ?
You went to a restaurant with two friends to eat. The bill came was $75. So you decided to contribute equally for bill amount and paid $25 each.

the waiter came back and returned $5 as the owner gave discount. You decided to give $2 to waiter for his honesty. And shared rest of the three dollars each. So final amount each three of you paid is $24.

Now when you get back home and calculated then one dollar was missing.
Finally paid 24+24+24 = 72
Waiter tip $2 so 72+2 = 74
Initially paid $75 - finally paid $74 = $1

Where is the missing dollar gone?

Hi gagers, where are you. Can't you solve this mystery... Lol. ;-)


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  • Wait. They each initially paid 25$
    So that means to cover a 75$ meal they spent 75-25-25-25=0
    Then they get 5$ but give two away for the waiter.
    So that means now each has 3$.

    There are no dollars missing.

    • *Now each has 1. Not 3, sorry.

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    • I have thought it over. I even asked a friend who is better at math than you or I and she also agrees that your argument is a logical fallacy and that there is no missing number.

    • OK then I respect your friend and you as well :-)

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