Is this a good start to my YouTube gaming channel?

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  • Nope, number one you are playing fifa
    If you want serious views thats not a good choice

  • Everything in one go is bad when you're starting up, audio quality is shite, weird ass camera angle with oval cropping? better off leaving it a box cropped with a frame around it. Take funny clips and make a 3 minute montage, grow from there before you do 15 minute full videos.

    PS. The note about the camera having a frame and being well placed/cropped comes from several large youtubers and twitch streamers.

    • Thanks for your comment. I do appreciate it and I do agree with you. Is there anything good about it?

    • You're actually trying, 9/10 people will put up maybe 5 videos then give up. Chances are you can get up to about 50 with no real increase in subs. Just keep it up as a hobby till you can start making money off it or just keep it a hobby.

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