How do I respond to this?

Okay so me and my crush have been friends for a while, but he's liked this other girl ever since we met.
But I guess she doesn't like him back or something.
Anyways, so last night after we got off the phone I went to sleep, and he sent me a message that I saw this morning.
Pleade help I have no clue how to respond to it. (Also maybe add what u think of the whole thing?)
"I like you. And its funny because go figure with (the girl's name) I have no chance ya know? She treats me like her child. It's never going to happy silly (his name) ya know?"

So an update: I responded with "oh I'm sorry to hear that.. You still like her?"
And he goes "well yeah but you know. Tear tear lol"


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  • He's not worth it. He's literally saying "You're my backup" and when she starts to have feelings for him, you're dumped. It's not worth your time and your love.


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  • My gosh.

    Euhm I understand you feelings and I understand the situation all too well. You are going to be his 'puppet' or his 'revenge' plan if you go with it. Just say you want to talk in person with him about this. That is your best option. Make a date and meet. Ask him why he suddenly says something like that and think with you head, not your heart. I know it is hard when you want him sooo much but just don't try to hurt yourself. You are way to good for that sweety :)

    • Thank you, and you're very sweet❤️

      And do you mind looking at the update too?

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  • Than suggest you don't talk to him or ask him out?

  • Girl it seems like your just his back up tbh tell him this ! " I don't think you really like me ( ...) I'm your last resort and I don't appreciate that at all. I don't want to be the second option either I'm first or there's nothing to speak about

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