Should I ask him?

Hello:) Well I have a boyfriend who I really love very much. He knows that I am having problems financially and offered me money but I refused. I just dont want him to have the wrong idea. The problem is now I want to borrow money from him and pay him back in a month. First question: Do you think he will lend me? Secondly do you think I should ask him? And one more thing. I am really sure I will pay him back no matter what it takes. Am sure.
That's it.


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  • if its urgent matter, ask him before anything bad may happen... and put something worthy with him to guarantee him that you will pay him back if you want.


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  • If he's offered before and as long as it's not an outrageous amount of money I think it should be fine! Just bring up the previous offer and ask if it still stands.

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