Why do you think syrian refugees should be allowed in the US?

I just know there can be major consequences that come along with allowing syrian refugees. Although many many syrians are innocent, 1 well trained isis member can really harm a lot of citizens. Even without the refugees being here there's probably going to be an attack being that isis is everywhere. But the less terrorist here the better.
The syrian "refugee" that pretended to be a refugee and moved country to country when he finally made it to his target and succeed. It can happen again. I think if they're going to let syrians in, they need to be more strict and check thoroughly throughout each person's records.


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  • Many terrorist attacks actually come from radical criminals born within the country. These people have the same upbringing as you except for perhaps religion and sub-culture and is every much as American on paper. Refugees are much less likely to be a threat.

    ISIS just says things like "Our members will blend in with the refugees" because it scares countries into refusing refugees. When they are refused, they are forced to live under ISIS rule and are, quite literally, forced to join ISIS or die by age 16. More people = more potential ISIS members.

    Arguably, it could be in the best interest of Western countries to accept these refugees and assimilate them into Western society rather than leave them in the Middle East. Although, they must be thoroughly screened before allowed entrance into these countries, of course.


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