Seven years of bad luck?

I am sure most people have heard at some point that breaking a mirror will give you back luck. How the hell to you break a mirror? Even if you break the glass you just have smaller fully functioning mirrors, usually with jagged edges. Like this…

You just have a bunch of little ones but they all still work just fine. What if you just scuffed up it up so bad that you could not see a reflection in it any more, would that be a “broken mirror?”


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  • A broken mirror is literally a mirror than it no longer in it's original form (the mirror part is not intake), because it was broken, whether that is a little break or not.

    • how is that "broken?" it still works just fine.

    • Okay, you're talking about perception then. If someone PERCEIVES the mirror to be broken. Ah, look you can be literal or not, that's up to the individual, but then again, beliefs are about perception also, so you can decide what you want to believe, and what that means for you.

    • no, actually I am just bored... and maybe a little buzzed.

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  • lmao. it's like breaking a plate. sure, you could use some of the pieces to carry, I don't know, a chicken nugget, but that doesn't mean people would still consider that to be a plate.

    so while a shard of glass can still function as a mirror, it is not considered to be a true mirror. who wants to just look at their eyeball! you wanna be able to see everything comfortably.

  • If you shatter a mirror, it's considered broken. If it's not in one whole piece, it's broken.


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