I'm trying to wait but it's not working. How long will it be?

In stage of life I'm jn it seems like NOTHING is going m right. My school grades are okay but they aren't great. My friends are just seeming to be more and more fake. And boys are so difficult to deal with. I feel like I'm less than everyone else and not pretty or and I just don't know what to do. I know it takes time but it's been a long time already.

Also people say that you have to be patient but the also say if you want something go get it.


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  • Let's assess it first.

    Your friends are becoming fake. Boys difficult to deal with.

    I see that your grades are affecting you in such a way that even such your social awareness is being affected.

    Fix this first, the rest will follow. Oh and you are still under 18, things get confusing in teen years, everyone feels like you do not only you. Just relax and stay calm always. Grades...


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  • Serve your principles, your religious beliefs, your society, your friends, your younger children, your seniors and be a good person. If you do this your skill set will improve over time.


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  • Believe me, it'll change. You'll miss being a teenager.

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