I found the perfect first car, only one problem?

it's all come down to this

I found the perfect first car, only one problem?

-220ish horsepower
-Half the engine the toyota supra mk4 used
-4 doors=reasonable insurance
-sexy af omg ❤️
-better than a slow ass accord or civic that ricers my age think is the shit lmao

only downside? it's automatic -_- FUQ

there's another one just like it 230 miles where I live from, and it's manual + has a shit ton of high performance mods but I don't know

what do you guys think? should I just suck it up and accept the auto?




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  • Do you want a car for looks and performance or do you want a reliable car? Lol

    Sounds like you like the look of it but it's got no after market parts to it. You know you can buy after market parts for it right. And if the other car that is a manual and it's got performance parts, it's likely that the previous owner thrashed it.

    So suck it up, and get the auto

    • for the looks tbh, and Lexus is the luxury department of toyota and they're reliable haha so yea that's not the problem

      and yea I know I already have so many JDM products on hold

      I'm going to go for the auto haha

    • Sounds good to me man, good luck 👍🏽

    • Thanks for MH :)

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  • Manual is fucking overrated and useless these days. The manual clutch is just another thing to break and they really have no advantage over automatics in all practicality.

    To me, wanting a manual because it "makes you feel like you have more control" is just as lame as ricing out a Civic.

    Get it.
    But if you're willing to drive 230 miles for a car you'd rather have you could do that too.

    • I have to admit I just want the thrill of shifting through the gears myself

      I'm kind of leaning towards the auto too because it has less miles AND it has no dents like the other

    • Plus, with the far away one
      1) you don't know what kind of shitty self-proclaimed mechanics worked on the car and modded it and possibly did it wrong (well maybe you do idk)
      2) you don't know how well they drove it, people can easily ruin the transmission by being stupid at manual shifting

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  • sexy af omg? hahah lol i don't speak or will ever understand cars!

    • I don't understand an obsession with vehicles.

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    • Cars to me are very simple.

      I find nuclear reactors simple in their design.

      But I still don't understand how can someone become obsessed with material possessions instead of or over the meaning of their actions?


    • @ZionOrtov eh> I am not sure!

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  • Even if you can get them to pass SMOG with all those performance mods, I'd be against anything that's a person's project car. Who's going to be doing the maintenance? Are you knowledgeable on diagnosing and troubleshooting automobiles? Do you have the money to spend on an specialist?

    Is this a first car for racing on the tracks or first car literally? You don't need to be racing on the traffic. But oh well. Fuel economy is crap and for a 2003 car who knows how much wear there is on the rings and engine. Especially a sporty car, I'm sure it would have been driven hard. If you do end up getting this, the first thing I would have done is a compression test to see how the engine is doing.

    And the leather on that car is torn on the passenger seat?

    in my opinion, why a civic/accord is a great first car is
    1. insurance is damn cheap.
    3. It's has good fuel economy especially for a 2001 and newer car.
    4. Maintenance is easy and cheap.
    5. At half the cost of the lexus you can get a functioning no issue honda accord/civic.
    There's a reason why there are still so many older accords and civics on the road.

    • yea that's all great about the civic but I actually want a car I like and will enjoy.

      I refuse to drive a car I will literally hate for the next 5 years

      and I'm going for the auto, I just message the owner of the modded is, and he said it's a rebuilt car, absolute deal breaker

  • Those cars are very popular in New Zealand. If you really want a manual it is probably worth making the trip to look at it.

    This model of the car is generally the more popular one for guys though. Well in my country anyway and usually has a bigger engine.


    • the other one has a turbo, headers, CAMS, CAI, and more.

      also it has like 230,000k miles

      uhhh crossroads of destiny material here...

    • They are Rear Wheel drive those cars.

  • How many miles does the one far way have and how much does the one you see now have? ALso do you want it to be modded or did you want to do the mods yourself?

    • 170k

      the automatic has 145k
      and the modded one had a rebuilt title so yea lol

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    • yea I'm gunna suck it up

    • the auto seems like it will be a bit more reliable.

  • -Girl car ;P

    The only upside to the car is the motor.

    But who am I to judge.. I drove a freaking scion tC... -_-

    • LOL dude girls don't even know what a lexus is

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    • They are a good option if you want a Rear Wheel drive car though. You would guess that it is a Front Wheel drive but they are not they are Rear Wheel drive.

    • yea that's another thing I like about it, thank god it's RWD

  • IS300 or the IS200?

    If it's the 300, then auto should be fine. It's still front engine/rear wheel drive, and you can still get the rear to slide out on that thing.

    Good choice.

    • doesn't matter I'm not getting a lexus, I'm getting my brothers infiniti

    • LOL... that's a downgrade. Good luck.

    • a g37 a coupe is a downgrade? LMFAO ok

  • It's a box on wheels, calm down bro, car's aren't that cool.

    • Jk, just felt the need to bring you back down to Earth.

    • doesn't matter I'm getting a WORLD CLASS car

    • I am not a guy who cares for the material things, but if it makes you happy, I am happy.

      Enjoy your car.


  • Are you gonna do street racing or something? It's a fking nice ass car fuck manual shift at 18 years old owning that car is a merry fuckin Christmas.

    • hell no haha and you're completely right

  • Hey, if you like it, get it, me personally, I don't like it, I like American and German cars, but you like what you like, however about the automatic, does it matter than much?

    • to me yes, but the manual one has deal breakers so..

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