Is it forbidden to become an actress in Islam?

Since a very young age acting has always been my passion. I'm so dedicated to it. I'm Muslim too. Does anyone know if Islam allows acting?


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  • They won't probably allow you since ISLAM treat their women like kitchen slaves

    • You are absolutely wrong my dear. There is no other religion that teaches you to treat women with respect. You probably haven't heard or read anything about Islam before, but let me tell you. IslaM doesn't treat us like kitchen slaves, it is the people that have the wrong concept of Islam and call themselves Muslims. We, Muslims, should all take advice and be more like our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). And he treated his wife like no other. They cooked, cleaned, and literally did everything togetger. And even in the Holy Quran, it is said by Allah (SWT) that women have a value in Islam. So I'm sorry if that's what you think about our religion, because that's so wrong my dear. I hope you now understand a few basics about Islam. May Allah bless you honey.

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