How can I get over the fear of ending up like these people?

okay i am scared of ending up like the people in my autistic support group i went to when i was 18. they were the most pathetic and sad people i ever meet. a group of terminally ill people that are blind and have no legs would be less sad and deppresing than them. honestly they were all over 25 and had never been kissed before. they didn't know how to interact with other people and they had the social skills of a 3 year old. i mean they had no friends besides the people in that group. the fact that they couldnt even get friends on their own and had to pay to go to a support group to get friends. these people will never even get kissed in their lives let alone have sex. my therapist (the man who ran the group) would always tell me you shouldn't fear ending up like them because they work full time jobs and drive cars. im like they have crappy jobs and drive shitty cars so its not really an accomplishment. i am scarred i will never have sex because i hung out with them and i was in the same room as them and talked to them. and i went to the support group so they ruined my chances of ever having sex


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  • Okay breathe, I've got aspergers, adhd, and major depressive disorder and I went to a school for people with things like that. My school had some people who can't function, I was in the same class as them
    Im also extremely high functioning, I've got a job, I'm going to college, I'm still learning to drive as circumstances got in the way. I've got a girlfriend whom is dealing with some of the same and whom I love dearly and who loves me in return.
    I'll never life a completely normal life. I don't want kids and neither does my girlfriend and since me and my girlfriend have disorders that can be passed on genetically, I'm seriously considering a vasectomy at 20. I can and will fight for living a normal-ish life. A happy if a more than a little not normal life. I can live my life as best I can I want to be a novelist and I'm damn good. I can do that. I can get a normal job, have a loving relationship.
    You can to, probably. You just need to calm down and fight tooth and nail to live that normalish life