What would you do in this unfortunate hypothetical situation?

You and your true love meet with simultaneous untimely deaths and it turns out heaven and hell exist.

There is a dilemma:

Only you got accepted into heaven and your true love was sent to suffer eternity deep in the fiery bowels of hell.

The only way to spend the afterlife having unbelievably satisfying sex with your true love is to give up your place in heaven and join your one true love in the burning depths of hell where you suffer agony on a regular basis.
The only time you're not in excruciating pain is when you make love to your true love and they also get relief during this time.

So do you abandon your love and go to heaven or do you go with them to hell?

  • I will never leave my true love even if it means eternity in hell
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  • Fuck that! Let them suffer, I'm going to heaven
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  • True love is a feminist lie

    • So you would pick heaven?

    • Assuming you're saying there's nothing except heaven or hell, yeah sure lol

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