Why is my dad so stupid and rude?

Everything about my dad pisses me the hell off. I can't move out again cuz im not prepared I just started working. He smacks loud as hell when he eats, like you can hear him through the hallway in the house into the next room. Im sick an could barely got sleep. So my dad tells my little nephew to go and wake me up he's jumping on me and hitting me now i hve a messed up eye im pissed. bi dont like kids and I already hae to see them and babysit his bad ass or 2 days striaght. he's leaving on vacation and im forced to spend the night at my sisters house which means im babysitting. Im 19 and he thinks im gonna let someone break in the house. So not only is he rude but he also treats me like im stupid. Why the hell would you wake someone up like that? Then he talks on the phone like he's yelling its annoying as hell. Why does he always try and piss me off?


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  • old people have a tendency to talk louder into cells. they're used to actually hearing someone on the other end. cell phone call quality is HORRIBLE compared to the actual landlines they grew up w/.

    try spending time with your dad. perhaps if you did, he wouldn't be so irritating and you wouldn't' be so irritable. i'm sure you two can find some common to tolerate each other and laugh a bit. realize, 25% of the kids out there nowadays do not have a father in their lives. I didn't.

    aside from that.. everything else you're complaining about is trivial considering
    you don't pay rent.


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  • I think you're the same girl who posted about her dad not letting her stay home alone and she always has to stay at her sister's house. Did you try talking to him like I said? If that didn't work, I'm sorry! If I knew you and you lived near me, you could totally stay with me. LOL


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  • Sounds like he knows you well, and trying to teach you to become a responsible adult.

  • Everything you just describe doesn't look like he's trying to piss you off. Your dad is your dad and instead of saying he posses you off how about be thankful he cares about you as much as he does

  • It sounds like he's just being a dad.
    -chews loud: it's just the way he eats. Not directed towards you.
    -nephew waking you up: I'm sure he had a reason and it's not his fault for your nephew's behavior. Besides I'm sure your eye was an accident.
    -it's his house, he, along with your mom, pays the bills. If he doesn't want anyone in the house while he's gone it's his right to make that call.
    -older people generally talk louder. Again, not directed towards you.

    Just chill.

    • Obviously its not towards me but its annoying. I have dealt with even worse with this man so its easy to see that no one understands and they think im just being a B***h. I see why you wouldn't understand. i think its yz im under a boat load of stress i bought an apartment, got cheated on an kiked out from it. I lost my job and need a new on before 2 months from now. I have to move out again without the help of my dad (yeah he dodesnt want to help) so i may be homeless since i dont have a job yet. I have to watch a kid that has given me 3 black eyes it hurts. Im 19 im pretty sure i dont know how to handle stress

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    • They do teach him but my sister should have waitid to have kids. She is 27 but not ready to be a mom thier child is out of control.

    • Some children don't learn that easily. Why don't you try teaching him when you have to babysit? Do you make him do time outs or anything?