What do you think about Stormfront - "White Pride World Wide"?




At first I thought to myself, oh yes another troll website, but I've really come to believe that these people are not trolling at all, they are very serious. The posting guidelines seem about right for that kind of forum (they would get major flak).

Sidenote: No race bashing here. This is not a race bait, GaG is a much more friendly and open-minded community.


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  • My opinion form another similar question, copy pasted.

    Below is the FB page of a new group about white people only and of course the reviews you read is what you describe us above. Everyone draws the race card.
    The non-whites use the smokescreen of 'oppression' and 'grievance' to 'legitimise' their agenda, they operate behind the mask of 'diversity' and 'multiculturalism' to achieve their aims. Whites on the other hand are divided, we don't think in racial terms, we have been deceived into believing we don't exist as a race and therefore have no interests specific to us. We allow ourselves to be beaten with the false guilt stick and cower instead of fighting back. The non-whites however use race as the foundation of their narrative. They are the 'oppressed' and we are the 'oppressors' or so the fable goes, and they fully acknowledge the existence of race because it benefits them to do so, everything they do is racially motivated. The system doesn't want whites to be racially conscious, and so bombards whites with race denialist propaganda and 'diversity' lies.
    By the way, with white people being the 8% of the world, I find it ironic to call them a majority.

  • I know one thing. It takes a minute to load.

    • As I black guy I think it's funny. I might read some of this stuff to get a good laugh. People like this are jokes to me. Can't take them seriously.