Anyone understands Astrology or Astral Maps?

Anyone understands Astral Maps? Astrology? I would like share opinions and someone who can tell what my astral map is (and my crush one if you don't mind)

If you understand can you also tell me Astral Map of 2 persons for Love?

Thank You!


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  • My coworker was telling me about astral projecting. Trippy as hell lol

    • I don't see it as Trippy as hell, it's just study wich i look for when i get bored, when i get everything from this study i will start another thing

  • Astral?

    Astral projection?



      Astral Maps:

      There you go my friend :)

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    • Okay cool bro:) thankyou for this its a good read ahha

      Look at that.. You basically asked for help but their you are helping me haha, sorry bro and thankyou at the same time:)

    • No Problem we always help each other :D