When you see a person of ethnic origin but absolutely Americanized do you consider them americans or do you still view them as of that ethnic group?

For example my ethnic origing I'm mexican but I never call myself mexican and I don't speak Spanish or do anything that a typical mexican does. Honestly the only Mexican thing about me is my background. If anything I'm more of a rocker/nerdy guy. So would I still be viewed as a mexican or an American.
Also I'm not saying that americans and america kick ass and are fucking awesome. I just want to see people's ideas

  • If they're absolutely americanized I view them as American
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  • I'll always view them as a foreigner
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  • Both I view people as both.


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  • Given the international reputation of Americans these days, I don't understand why anyone who has other options would choose to associate themselves as one.

    • Because I was born here and currently it's the best place for me to do something with my life. at least until I get out of school and hopefully get a job elsewhere. Preferably Switzerland. Like I said in the details I'm not assciating being amwricans with being a great person or anything.

    • I just got back from an international trip and the American reputation seemed pretty damn good from how people reacted to me.

  • I'm Murican!

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