Help shy on Skype?

okay today i woke up and i turned on the computer and there were people trying to add me on Skype i dont know the people does anyone on Skype have people they dont know trying to chat with them
for me when i go on the internet and people i dont text it scares me
can someone help me😐


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  • Do not add them, trust me, not a good idea, just ignore them, add only people you know.


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  • Just do not accept their requests to be added. Do not message any of them.

    • thankyou
      hey empatheticLady
      remeber you were on my last post
      Baltimore to California
      its reallygood to see you fellow baltimore friend 🌟

    • You're welcome, and hey there!

    • hi and Thanks☺

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  • Ignore the requests?

    • Thank you

      life saver☺

  • Some are spambots. Or phishers, trying to get you to disclose personal info. This happens all the time... Just reject them. Very common. Never add someone you don't know.


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