I'm mentally ill and I have a ton of problems and I need advice?

I'm mentally I'll with a reocurring bouts of suicide attempts (not gonna kill myself nor feel suicidal just want advice) I have ADHD Generalized anxiety and depression.

My life has been nothing but failure after failure. dropped out of school, got the GED then tried college failed 6 times and never did anything

I work in mcdonalds and they put down my hours, can't be independent.
I just want to do something right in my life and have a bit of satisfaction. I know happiness is a mental state but when you have a very unfavorable life it's really hard to stay positive. My girlfriend doesn'yt understand my conditions and nags me very much about it when I get depressed even tho its not my fault

I dont sit around and mope, I go to theraphy and take medicine but they can only do so much when I have such a terrible situation. I feel helpless changing these bad things and I really want to change I'd be happy just with a full time job, any job as long as I can go on my own I have been failing at job hunt for the past 3 years I'm going crazy


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  • I think you should work your butt off at McDonald's and then make your way up from there. What kind of job do you want?

    • I work my butt of but there's no room for promotioNS I've been there 3 years and I make 120 every two weeks, not worth it

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    • my boss is againt recomendation letters she never gives them to anyone tbh

    • Ask her nicely. If not, ask the boss's boss

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