What's the dumbest/most embarrassing thing you've done lately?

I accidentally put my gynecologist's phone number on a job application :P


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  • I was at university and sitting next to this group of pretty girls and right then and there did a loud fart. Lucky for me the girls laughed and found it funny. One of the girls laughed solidly for 1 minute and pretty much peed her pants.

    • Hahaha that's great. They sound cool

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    • Yeah I am chilled when it comes to this. I don't mind girls farting around me. It is natural and I am not going to judge a woman for doing a natural bodily function and it will not turn me off her either.

    • Thank you for MHA

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  • Thought I could get a girlfriend and thought I was attractive so two things

    • Aww don't be so hard on yourself. Did something happen?

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    • I think you are worrying over nothing. You look a OK to m and you seem like a nice guy

    • Well this is based off no girl ever showing interest I'm 24 and have never dated

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