Am I being childish to dislike my brothers girlfriend for being so fake?

Long story short... I really dont like my brothers girlfriend. She has a very fake personality and she really hurt my feelings one day when she invited me and my boyfriend to the beach with her and my brother in the summer. They had other plans and wanted to snoop on my bf's phone to find if he was texting other girls and things like that. They never really wanted to get to know him... just expose what kind of person he was. I was suprised when she invited us too. But during that whole day, she was saying how im like a sister to her and how we are so close and bla bla bla (not true at all). She was being super friendly and showed us a side of her i never really got to know. I thought not only were her and my boyfriend getting to know each other, but me and her as well. I found out later on how fake she was and how it was all just a show. She acted all friendly just to get closer to my boyfriend. She even touched him in his crotch to see how he would react. Not only doing that in front of me, but my brother as well. I really just dont like how fake she is. Im the kindest person ever... but i just can't stand when someone is like that! Im not mad at my brother in the slitest because from day ONE I knew he never liked my boyfriend... Im mad at her because she put on a show and acted some type of way just to get a reaction which angers me since I thought we were gettinng somewhat closer but that wasn't her true intentions at all.

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  • You're being judgmental, which is fine, but there's no value to harboring such feelings.


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