If the world was going to end, what 3 things would you do?

- Find the sexiest girl in first sight and tell her the feelings I have for her
- Go to the gym for one last workout then kiss the floor for the hard work I put in there
- Take a stroll down memory lane to have a flashback on the good times and where I been


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  • - Find the sexiest girl in first sight and tell her DAyum... hahah!


Most Helpful Guy

  • -Drive to my crush's house right now and somehow get her to come outside so I could confess to her and see what happens (probably would take 1-2 hours, unless we decided to hang out after that)

    -Go break a bunch of shit in stores with crush tagging along if she wanted to

    By the way, am I the only one who knows the world was going to end or not? Cause if so, I'm pretty sure my crush would rather just stay with her family. Now that I think about, I should probably be staying with my family too...

    Also, how much time before the world was going to end?

    • 24 hrs. Everyone knew the world is going to end.

    • Okay, still stick with first thing. Probably try to sex her up, I mean, who wants to die a virgin?

      Then I'd go break things at stores for fun. Hopefully not get killed by the weirdos that would just wanna kill people.

      Probably go see what my family wants to do then.

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  • Go visit my love. I guess.


What Guys Said 4

  • Get shit faced drunk. I don't even drink but fuck it it's the end might as well

  • -Fire my guns in the air
    -Drive my car on the highway top speed
    -Burn down houses for fun (abandoned ones)

  • One get guns
    Two sleep a lot because no school
    Eat a good meal

  • - Tell the ones I love I love them, hugs etc.
    - Pray to God, say sorry, say thank you for all, and say I love you.
    - Sleep and never wake up again.

    • You would fucking SLEEP through the end of the world?

    • @DarkHumorRUs you misunderstood.

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