Why are people so concerned with ISIS?

THe concern over terrorist attacks and ISIS is completely retarded. Car crashes alone kill millions more ever year than ISIS could even dream of. Cigarettes and heart disease alone have killed hundreds of millions--worse than every genocide put together and yet we get worked up when Isis kills like 130 people in France. If isis was as effective as cigarettes are at killing people we would be shitting bricks and launching nukes. Seriously people are stupid and they really only care about the crap in the news that is the most reactionary.

I don't get all of these angry posts about ISIS demanding that we kill them. How about you focus on something significant like heart disease? If we seriously treated the deaths caused by curable diseases like the deaths caused by ISIS, we would have to do world wide memorials every 3 seconds. I'm getting sick and tired of all this attention centered on ISIS. THIS IS WHAT ISIS WANTS. THey want attention and they want the world to overreact. When governments overreact and do shit like pass the patriot act or go and attack another country, many more people are killed or harmed as a result and it damages the country's reputation. The terrorism doesn't come from the terrorist attacks--it comes from the over the top fear and overreactions that result from those terrorist attacks. If we didn't overreact by invading Iraq and giving way to much attention to small terrorist organizations, ISIS would not even exist and we wouldn;t have to deal with so much of this crap. So please, if you're going to care about people dying then focus on curable diseases, starvation, and poor medical treatment for the hundreds of thousands dying every day.


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  • no they're not. don't underestimate their power. ISIS is more significant than you'd like to believe. obviously the attention is what they want... but imagine if they didn't get it. they'd keep upping the idiocy until they got the response they wanted.

    i also don't think terrorist comes from the aftermath of it's damage. it just doesn't make sense. terrorism is the impulse actions these people have taken in the name of religion. those whose loved ones have died are not overreacting. if it were u, you'd do the same.

    we can focus on ALL the world's problems, i totally agree with that, but i certainly know for a fact that ISIS is now one of them. remember that if you kill ISIS, u aren't killing people. you'd have to kill ideas. who knows what some fanatics are teaching their little kids in mosques and islamic schools? we'd never know because we're too fucking scared to step inside.

    as much as y'all would like to think so, these people are NOT idiots. don't underestimate what they can do in time.


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  • If one if your family was blown up by these absolute knobs then you may change your opinion. These other things you speak of are mainly accidents or diseases and can't be stopped but pISIS are a group of assholes and need to be stopped. They would do this regardless if how we reacted to it so please don't be fooled by them saying that they only bomb places that have bombed them.

    • I've known plenty of people who've died after a long extremely painful cancer experience. its significantly worse than pretty much anything ISIS could do besides prolonged torture. Even if ISIS killed one of my family members or friends, I would still think preventable diseases, cancer, and starvation were orders of magnitude worse, more painful, and cause several orders of magnitude more death.

    • I agree but that doesn't mean we should just stop fighting terror. We fight cancer and the world raises millions every year in that fight.

    • Yeah but we aren't even fighting them equivalently. Hundreds of billions has been spent on terror and its difficult to get millions for starvation. ISIS and terrorism are treated like the worst problem the world has to face. When only a couple hundred people are killed from it, relatively speaking its a joke. If we invested the same amount of money in preventable diseases and starvation, we would literally save 100,000 times more people. It makes no sense why we focus on some of the least significant problems and ignore the most substantial.

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  • Because if it was left unchecked they could become bigger and kill more. Like a virus if you don't cure it then your going to die from it.

    also here are some interesting facts about death

  • I have no idea, I'm just sitting here giving 0 fucks. That sounds bad but it's true.
    But people are just SO terrified and paranoid of the word here, it's become an irrational fear.

  • Because unlike those things which can kill you any day, Isis is something new and a horrible way to die in comparison. Imagine one day going about your business and then being lined up and executed one by one.
    Its a lot worse than just a car accident.

    Also isis wants us to kill them because they believe allah will save them. Might as well put that theory to the test.

    • No terrorism has been around for ages. And is being blown up by a bomb worse than cancer or a long stuggle with heart disease? Absolutely not. What about those in Africa who die from curable diseases like tb and the works? Preventable diseases and starvation kill SOOOOOO much more than ISIS and are vastly more painful and gruesome.

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    • ate the psychological impact. Yeah and it is a different situation. In one situation tens of millions are killed every month, and on the other 100 people get killed every 3 or 4 years. Its the difference between an apple and an apple farm. One is orders of magnitude more important and yet we're focusing on one apple rather than the entire farm.

    • Isis was funded by the CIA the only reason there is so much attention on ISIS is to distract the public from more important issues, and to increase the military budget

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  • There are these things like, slow death & fast death, natural deaths and unnatural deaths, Brutal murders and accidental deaths , Gradual death and Instand deaths..
    I don't expect you to fully understand these concepts but at least acknowledge them. And whenever someone tells you xxxxx died, the first question you ask is 'how?' so it definitely matters.

    • In an objective sense which I would expect you to acknowledge, preventable diseases and starvation are both vastly more painful, cause significantly more deaths, and do dramatically more damage to humanity. What you're expressing are emotional ideas, which is partially why ISIS has become such a big deal. It has more emotional content than millions of people per year starving to death. The effect, impact, and the amount of pain is whats most important. The emotional content of someone being blown up by ISIS is pretty much your only argument, which is a terrible argument because its entirely emotionally based. So your defense can't be that it matters because humans find it more important. I wouldn't be writing this post if I didn't know that--im highlighting the fact that in comparison ISIS is trivial and inconsequential compared to world starvation alone. Also spare me the condescension, or if you're going to be condescending at least include some better arguments.

  • I agree 100% with you. I don't live in fear.