How do you deal with extreme stress from big problems in college, work, personal, and financial life all happening at the same time?

I don't want to make this a sob story so I'll try and keep it to the facts, but I have had a very rough last couple of weeks and the stress is catching up to me and I feel absolutely burnt out.

I like to consider myself someone who is pretty good at handling stress, and if any one of these things were happening by itself I know I could handle it, but with all of this happening at once I am completely beside myself.

For one thing, it's getting close to the end of the semester, which means class projects, back to back tests, and studying for finals. But to make things a little worse, I have two professors who seem to think that their class is the only thing I have to do all day.

At work, we're absorbing another company at my office so we are moving a lot of things around and I'm haivng to meet a lot of new people and get them situated here. Also, we have a new employee we hired who is new to the field that I am partially responsible for training. Add this to the crunch to get client's data caught up to the end of the fiscal year before tax season starts.

In my personal life, you have the normal Thanksgiving holiday bullshit. Plus my dog just had to have an emergency surgury. Love life isn't really existent because I don't have the time, though I wish I did.

And financially, my dog's surgury was about 2k, I just had to fix the transmition on my truck, I had to pay a 270$ speeding ticket last week, and today I had to foot the bill for my grandmother's grocery shopping because her card was declined when I went out to get her some Thanksgiving supplies. All said, I'm down almost 3,000 in two weeks and because I'm only able to work part time that means it's going to take me months to replenish that.

This is more a vent than anything else, but how do you guys deal with stress when everything piles up at once? How can I get myself to stop feeling like I'm about to crash and burn?


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  • i pray God


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