What do you think about America?

You can answer in any way you like. American history, American people, your favorite American etc.


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  • It's a country where people are so beating jacking off to the idea that the live in the "country of thr free" that they're to busy to notice that they're constantly losing freedoms and that there are plenty of other countries that have far more freedom. Not to mention their ignorance and close mindedness to ideas that don't fit into their sense of normality.
    P. s. I was born and have lived in america for the entirety of my life and am basing my opinion off of what I have observed

    • Also I hate how older folks say that the country use to be better. When it's obvious that they're wrapped up in their own biased. Sure the country use to be better damn I sure do miss the good old days when women and anyone who wasn't white knew their place. And who the fuck do these gays think they are? Asking for the same rights as everyone else

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  • I think America has a peculiar way of looking at its history

    • What do you mean?

    • People talk about how it used to be great, but it hasn't changed. What's different between then and now is that history has been spun to paint the country in a better light. 200years from now, people will stay say "America used to be great!"

      For example, look at something as simple as the true story of "black hawk down" the movie from the nineties that everyone praised as being patriotic.
      In reality, it was a massive military blunder that lead to the deaths of countless men. it was spun to she the pride of the American armed forces. In the future, I expect the same to happen in regards the the Middle East conflict.

      If we wanted to go way back, look at the war of 1812. Every American school teaches it was a tie, but In reality, the land that is now Canada beat the shit out of America, and burnt the parliament building down. (Later painted white, thus The White House). Things like this is what I mean, I could go on and talk about slavery, immigrant work camps (to build liberty statue)

    • But I'm not educated, nor passionate enough to continue. That being said, I still like America, even if they have missteps

  • I cannot stand it. I hate its history, its people and its culture. It's a savage nation state built by primitive people for primitive people. I hope your economy tanks and you become a third world slum.

  • It saddens me the way that great country has gone to shit. That's about all I have to say.


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