What does the gray FB icon vs the blue one mean in messenger? Could my crush not be responding because he doesn't have the app?

There's this guy I started talking to. Just a couple of weeks. In person he is really personable and seems 100% into me. But then I message him on fb (we don't have each other's numbers) and it's a hit or miss, more a miss. Like, I sent 2 messages in the past week and he never responded to either. And they were definitely ones that required a response. It shows the gray Fb icon instead of the blue squiggle next to his name... So does that mean he doesn't have the app? Would that make it harder for him to respond as he could only use a computer? Or what?


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  • its a virĂ¼s


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  • The blue means they have the app and are automatically reachable. i. e. they will be notified of a message in real time. Gray means they don't.