Iv deleted my instagram pics months ago but they are still on Google cache or somthing? Help?

Iv deleted them and some got taken didn't but a few came on Google, when i click on my images they are caught in some cahe thing...

it makes me really uncomforable to have my pic on Google...


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  • Yeah, gotta be selective about what you post. Especially something like Facebook, I guess they own whatever content you post. My girlfriend googled herself just out of curiosity, and the first thing that came up was her pic in a sexy Halloween costume she had put up on Facebook being used as a meetme. com ad. She was really freaked about that. I don't trust Internet as far as I can throw it, especially social media sites, always something goofy in the fine print of the TOS that signs your rights away.


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  • Nothing gets deleted on the Internet


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  • Pretty much anything you post on the Internet is there forever... th best you can do is probably to contact Google or instagram or whoever had your pictures when you put them up, and ask them to be removed. There's no guarantee that this will do anything though.

    Just be sure to limit what you post online in the future, especially on social media. I know that Facebook keeps everything you ever put there, even if you deactivate your account... kind of scary isn't it?

    • Seriously cause i have deleted m'y pics frombfb and diactivated my account but i keept everything on There Private even my Name Never came on seach engine and i even googled them but Never found my pics..

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    • I Hope the messages were at least deleted?

    • I don't know if messages would be deleted or not. You might be able to find the answer on google

  • Once pictures are on the internet they are there forever.

    • So no solution in how to get them down?

    • Calling Google would be the only way and I can guarantee that will end up being useless so not really.

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