How do I be nice? or have a good personality?

I think I have a great personality most times but Im honest and some comments can come off offensive, arrogant, and or insensitive but thats just how I am... honest. I feel like sometimes people remember the bad side more than the other greater good I am. How to fix?

Title should say how to be nicer. I do think before I speak most of the time but still someone has to get offended


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  • Being brutally honest isn't always a good thing to do because you can really hurt someone's feelings. However, lying isn't a good idea either.
    If you want to be nicer, just stop commenting about others and let it be. Keep your thoughts about other people to yourself and just say it in your mind. If you think their opinion on a topic is stupid or it doesn't make sense, then their are nice ways to tell them that such as, "I don't really understand your point, here's what I think..."

    It's not really hard to be nice or avoid offensive comments. I'm brutally honest but I know when enough is enough. So, no one has really been offended by what I say.

  • Just be who you are naturally, don't put up a false front. If you are brutally honest and others perceive your comments as offensive, fine, that's life, move on. Just be yourself


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