Ethnic Egyptians, do you agree with the statement of Egyptian poet Fatima Naoot - in the video below, in the details?

Personally, I agree 100%.

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  • Yes, I completely agree, it's very well known that Egypt was occupied in the 7th century, and the true language of Egyptians (Copts) is Coptic language.


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  • I agree because she is right about everything...


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  • Egyptian here I agree with her about call Egypt just Egypt that's how it was and most of egyptians call it that actually and we have different traditions than the Arabian gulf.
    But I disagree with her about the Islamic invasion it wasn't an invasion and before the consequent happened who was ruling Egypt? The Romans WHO INVADED EGYPT

    • I know, both Arabs and Romans invaded Egypt, just like Persians before them, but Egyptians are not originaly Arabs, they had their own language and culture, do you agree on that?

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    • Ok, I'm glad you agree, thanks for your opinion ;)

    • Sure love 😊 😉

  • Basically, I'm not Egyptian, but I agree with all the things she said.


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  • I'm indifferent

  • I disagree with her.
    I'm not Egyptian but I'm also a North African Arab, and there are the same debates here on weather we should be called Arabs or not.
    I think it's a useless debate, yes we used to have our old languages before, and now we speak Arabic, and so what? Just like the way America Latina speaks Spanish and Portuguese or North America Speaks English and French...
    Being Arab is not about being ethnically 100% Arab, it's simply being part of one the 23 Arab countries, speaking Arabic as your mother tongue and Identifying yourself as an Arab, that's why Arab is a PAN-ETHNIC group.
    I'm completely aware by the fact that I might not be genetically Arab, after all Tunisia was Berber/Punic and was invaded by the Romans, Phoenicians, Greeks, Ottomans , Vandals, Spanish... But I still refer to myself as an Arab.

    • American Native Indians still speak their own language, even in Latin America - Nahuatl (Aztecs), Mayan, Quechua (Inca) etc. Some of them managed to preserve their culture, despite the Spanish and Portuguese occupation.
      True Arabs are ethnicity from Arabian Peninsula (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Oman etc).
      Pan-Ethnic groups are artificial term, used by those who have conducted assimilation of other nations.
      So, why are you referring to yourself as an Arab, when you know that your country was actually invaded by the Arabs? For example - Lots of people in Morocco still speak Berber languages, they have preserved their identity, whilst you've lost yours, thanks to the Arabization (imposing Arabic culture, language, letters and identity to non-arabic nations of Middle East and North Africa).

      Being a muslim doesn't mean that you have to be Arab. Turks, Persians, Indonesians etc are also muslims, but they are not Arabs. Mrs Fatima explained it very well...

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    • Yes indeed, which means that you can't necessarily define the Arabness of people by their country, I could be more Arab than a Saudi, don't forget that Arabs did invade us and they inter married with local women so we're mixed with Arab blood as-well.
      Plus as I mentioned it's not linked to genetics or blood, it's a cultural identification that only us Arabs can feel, it's like a big family, when I see a fellow Arab, it's like hey my cousin. Each one of the 22 Arab country still has it's own specificity and identity, that why we all ave different dishes, traditional clothes etc, but the Arabic language is what links us... I don't think that we lost our Berber identity, as a matter of fact it just merged with the Arab one, we still eat Berber, dress Berber and even have some Berber words in our dialect.
      Oh really? That's interesting, I've never met a Sufi Muslim before, where do you come from :) ?

    • Ok, so you might be mixed, but most of that mixing in the past was conducted by force, just like during the Spanish invasion on Central and South America... they were raping native American women... that's not a positive thing, I hope you agree on that...
      If you could travel in the past, thousand years ago, I'm not sure that your ancestors would like the idea of you speaking Arabic, because they fought the Arabs...
      I'm from Bosnia Herzegovina, most of the Bosnians are Sunni Muslims, but Sufism also had quite an important role in development of Islam in Bosnia.
      Basically, Turks brought Islamic beliefs in our country, about 500 years ago, but most of our ancestors willingly accepted Islam because our former Bogumil Church of Bosnia has been persecuted by the Catholics and Serbian Orthodox christians... that's why old Bosnian christians have accepted Islam as a saviour... but we have preserved our Bosnian language, that's why we haven't turned into Turks ;)

  • I'm not an Egyptian, but I agree with her statement.