Is the irony of 'feminism', more about the people who constantly label women with the term?


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  • I think so. I mean everytime we are called a slut and try to argue that it's human to be horny we are feminazis.

    • very sad how women still have to deal with antiquated forms of discrimination. With it all about men maintaining power over women

    • men may have the physical power but we have the sexual power so that's probably why some are so sensible about us having intercourse. so yeah it's better not to let a handful of fustrated guys bring us down

    • all power to you :)

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  • Please elaborate. I have no idea what you're asking.

    • They seem to tar every woman with a convenient brush. Like, they will view a woman who is confident and sure in herself as one, merely for it acts as a threat to them

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    • The world is certainly changing.

    • I think the more people think it is changing the more it really stays the same

      But, this could be more about me :)

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