What is your favorite kind of sausage?

I am having trouble deciding myself between Chourice, Bratwurst, and Andouille.
Chourice because I love it on my pizza and in a breakfast taco mix.
Andouille because I LOVE cajun food. (good work Lousiana.)
And Bratwurst because I love it grilled and in a bun

  • Bratwurst
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  • Andouille
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  • Hot Dog
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  • Breakfast Sausage
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  • Other (too many kinds to list, just leave a comment)
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  • I'm a vegetarian so no sausages for me & I don't even crave them lol


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  • All sausages are good sausages!

    Dang, I have a huge sausage craving right now 😔


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  • The sweet, soft, succulent, tender one

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