Girls, if a rep from another company said this?

Ok so I work for a office supply store and they have numerous reps that come in for hp, Epson and so on well anyways I noticed we had two and we didn't today so u stopped to talk to her and told her I was gonna be switching to electronics soon and she was like yeah if you have any questions regarding hp we can connect or anything was she flirting we tend to stare a lot at each other when she's in the store

Just curious if I was wrong


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  • ok... firstly, what type of 'staring' is it. I wouldn't call it flirting, but i'd say she does want you to start some conversations with her later on. remember,, it doesn't have to be about work! Hope this helps, also would you mind giving your opinion on my question?

    • everytime we walk by each other we stare but when she said anything else its like she wanted me to ask for her number or something it felt like that im really inexperienced when it comes to this stuff

    • honestly me too, but maybe you could just ask her to do something out of work together it doesn't have to be a date, and then just casually say can i have your number so we can work it out. Al you need to say is hey do you want to do something sometime?