Poll: Do you recognize the "Armenian" Genocide?

I say "Armenian" Genocide as a pun on how denalists call it the Armenian "Genocide" because it was not only Armenians who were slaughteredbut also Greeks, Assyrians, Yazidi kurds and Lebanese.

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  • I think comparing what the Turks did to the Nazi's is not strictly accurate. The Turks were basically using mass slaughter and deportation as a political tool. Hitler was just crazy. It doesn't make it better that the Turks were merely ruthless and not crazy but it makes it not the same. There is a long tradition of mass killing people for political reasons, what Hitler did was sui generis.

    • Also, the Jews were about the only religious minority in the Ottoman empire not to be slaughtered. Even some Muslims like Iraqi Shias and Alevi Kurds faced ruthless oppression and massacre.

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    • Genocide is genocide doesn't matter who dies

    • @Waffles731

      I think it matters also why you do it just as it does with any murder. If I kill you because I felt threatened by you or I want your money, that's different than if I kill you because the voices in my head told me to or because i want to eat your liver.

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  • People died, so yeah,

  • Of course I do. Turkey is a shit nation that should be smashed and returned to its right Roman owners.

  • The Ottoman Empire was as bad and in some cases worse than the British Empire and yet it never receives as much condemnation which baffles me then again most people are ignorant, so I am not surprised.


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