What does it mean if a girls "womanly"?

I had to translate this word from Swedish so I'm not sure if it's really accurate but the words I got was womanly and feminine. What does it mean if a girls womanly? What attributes makes a girl womanly/feminine and is it a good thing and why? Can you name some female celebrities that you find womanly and feminine? I've been called "womanly" by so many guys that I've been dating and I really don't know how to react to it, if it's good or bad and why so?
Thanks lovelies

I know girls can be girly, men can be manly, but girls that are WOMANLY? 😩


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  • It's a very good thing! I prefer a feminine girl, definitely. Traits of a feminine girl would be things like "soft" (in an emotional way), very considerate about her appearance (and several other things), and sometimes passive.

    My favorite feminine celebrity would be Megan Fox.


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