Would you fire someone who was 10 minutes late getting your kids off the bus?

I was late getting the kids I babysit off the bus and the kids got in the house through the back door. Would you fire your babysitter for that?


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  • Oh, man, that's rough. I nanny, so that is a big fear I have. What is your reason for being 10 minutes late? Were you stuck in traffic? Did you have car troubles? If it is a legitimate reason, they may understand and consider it a slap on the wrist. The ages of the children also need to be taken into consideration. Seems like they were smart enough how to figure out how to get into their house thankfully and all was okay.

    If you are not fired, come up with a back-up plan with the parents (and maybe the kids) on what to do if you cannot pick them up for whatever reason. Is there a neighbor or someone else at their bus stop that can grab them perhaps?


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  • It would depend on many things like already said... what was the reason for being late... the age of the children... how far away the house is from the bus stop, etc...
    My first instinct would be to fire them. Because that is your job, to be there. That is what you are paid to do and they are trusting you to do your job right.
    At the same time things happen and often they aren't in your control. So it's not so black and white.

  • Yes, I would.

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