Can someone PLEASE tell me this song?

I am literally DYING to hear it. Okay, so the chorus is kind if high pitched and it just says, "oh oh oh oh oh oh oh" medium paced. Then the beat drops like, dun dun and then some guy raps while they still say oh oh oh in the background. I think its either a rap/r&b thing. I just have the oh oh oh oh part stuck in my head and now I NEED to find this song or I will cry and then pass out from frustration.


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  • Oh oh oh oh oh oh , how I wish I knew this song.
    So I can help this lady move along!

    I dooooont know, the name of this song!
    But I dooooo knowww, I must go ooon!
    Oh baby, why don't you understand?
    This song is lost, In the dream land.

    • Lmao, the funny thing is... I actually thought these lyrics were legit for a second 😂😂

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  • LOL that's like every song out these days.

    • I'm getting so mad 😣😂

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