Good Christmas gifts for a guy? (Description of personality inside)?

So, I have been dating my boyfriend for a few months now and since chirstmas is coming up, I want to get him something cool.
He likes: Star Wars, vinyl records, hockey, rock music, weight lifting, sports (i know his favorite teams), craft beer, and good food! lol

any gift ideas?


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  • Get him a Star Wars hockey stick that, when licked, tastes faintly like beef jerky.

    • lol if only that existed!

    • Well the stick does and then you just spray it down with essence of jerky.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Make yourself into a gift. 🙃 that's the best present you can give him. And as long as you're comfortable with it, tell him he gets a free pass to live out one of his favorite fantasies.

    But if you need something solid to give him in front of parents then get him battlefront if he has a current gen gaming console.

    • he's told me he thinks that game looks cool.
      but i dont know what console he owns (if he owns any at all) ugh I'm so stuck lol

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  • he is into star wars? perhaps , stuff like this

    or , you can dress up , wearing leia's golden bikini , and seduce him..


What Girls Said 1

  • Get him tickets to his fav. Band!
    Star wars t shirt lol & make him some bomb pasta (ravioli w/peso sauce) delish...